We make design tools for manufacturers.
  • Mechanical Design
  • Structural Design
  • CPQ Solutions
  • Add-ins for CAD softwares like SOLIDWORKS and INVENTOR
  • Product Configurator Software
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Product Configurator

Design your products with a software made for your organisation


Confiqure, Price and Qutoe your products from your smart phone


Professional Drafting to Australian Standards

Mechanical/Structural Design

Product development from concept to fabrication





By using our CPQ solutions you can issue product drawings in minutes and send quotes to your clients in a few seconds.

  • Configure Price Quote

    CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote and referes to software suits that automate these processes.



Analyse your business

Get reports of designed products and plan for the future. Every design hour has information about your products and market requirements. Control that data and orchestrate your next business moves.

  • Reports in your inbox

    Receive valuable information about your production process. Categorize what is designed based on product properties like the size of the product or its material.



Knowledge Management

With our automation solutions you can implement experience of your employees in a software. Decide who can access your design rules and control which products they can design with them.

  • Consistency in Design

    By automating the design process you get the same type of drawings regardless of the experience of the designer.



Save Resources

We provide a pay-as-you-go model which allows you to easily adapt to market needs without committing budgets. You can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of overpositioning or missing capacity.

  • Less resources

    By delegating the design to us you can hire less drafting/design personnel. Which in turn means fewer CAD licenses and fewer high end workstations.



No Design Bottlenecks

Remove design bottlenecks from production. Different teams will use the calculators and will get the same results. This way sales engineers send their quotes without waiting for a drawing from design. And because your designers use those tools results will be the same.

  • Total Control Over Design

    All design rules are pulled from the same source and all teams will get the same results.