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Batch export dxf files from parts, assemblies and drawings with ease.

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Batch export 3d models into dxf files right from solidworks.

Qr code
Convert your project properties into QR codes and insert them into drawings.
Add custom notes
Add notes to each dxf file. Our package reads 3d model properties and if instructed imports them as notes into the dxf file.
Insert bend Lines
Insert up or down bend lines. You can instruct the add-on to insert and trim the bend lines into the dxf file. Our package will make sure the side with the most up-bends is facing up.
Write overall dimensions
Insert the overall dimensions aka bounding box of the piece into the dxf file.
Control dxf layers
Control the dxf layer and color of the item's profile, bend lines, bounding box and notes and sketches.
Sheet-metal + non sheet-metal
Our state of the art algorithm can detect non-sheet metal components that are suitable for laser cutting and if instructed export them to dxf.
Control dxf file name
Control file name of dxf files with parameters and properties of the 3d model.
Save file in a shared location
Automatically save all the generated dxf files to a single folder shared by all members of a team.
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We had to manually edit our dxf files to keep laser cutter happy. But this tool doe's a good job of automating manual work.

J. Williams, DM at Transistor

On a mission to empower teams

Transistor makes server racks and cabinets. They have a department for laser cutting and sheet metal folding. But during peak times they use laser-cut suppliers.

Understandably, each supplier has its own manufacturing process. And Transistor had to submit the .Dxf files with different notes and layers to each one.

Now, they use Hymma add-on for SOLIDWORKS to generate the .Dxf files. It can insert bend-lines into the dxf file, writes meta data and control the layers.

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  • Batch export of 3D to Dxf files.
  • Insert and modify bend lines in Dxf files.
  • Parametric Dxf file name conventions.
  • Detect thin 3d models suitable for laser cutting.
  • Control layer names, visibility, color and lines.
  • Insert meta data (notes) into the Dxf.
  • Insert Qr codes into the drawing files.
  • Show sheet number of a part in the B.O.M.

Frequently asked questions

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What versions of SOLIDWORKS does this add-on work with?
HYMMA works with SOLIDWORKS versions 2018 and later.
Do you offer refunds?
No. But all subscriptions start with a 30 day trial period.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes through the links in the initial e-mail you received from our reseller. If you canceled during trial period you will not be charged. But if you canceled after the 30 days trial period you will have access until the subscription period is over.
Is the license a subscription model or perpetual one?
It is a subscription license model. Where you will lose access if you did not renew your subscription. You can cancel at any time and the license remains active for that period.
Does my subscription include updates?
Do you collect my data?
No. We will never see or know what you have designed. However we will collect data about the add-on performance so that we can improve it.