Let me explain what hymma produces are and what the business is about.

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HYMMA develops software for manufacturing industry. Our products improve the design process in fabrication shops. We aim at creating a more efficient and more accurate shop drawings through automation. Most of our work is open sourced and free. Like this Solidworks Framework that helps you make Addins. Or this Inventor Framework that facilitates 3D modelling. We have made free courses on 3D design and published to thinkific. have fun!

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In a productive fabrication shop most of the work is routine practice. I believe any manufacturing business should aim for that stage of repetitive work. Because then you get to make things faster and sell more of them. To be clear, it does not make sense to make a jig for a once-in-a-blue-moon job order. But if you make 10 of the same product every month then it makes sense to automate its fabrication.

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This concept does not apply to designers. Yes, we can use spreadsheets to make custom calculators and shoot ourselves in the foot. Good engineers don’t stay very long. They leave a company to another hoping to learn new things. That is when the next generation comes in. They will wonder what version of the spreadsheet is the trustworthy one. They won’t find an answer of course! So they make new ones. And the cycle repeats itself.

Being a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I have been both the next generation and the the senior engineer who would leave soon.

So I started to automate and improve the product design processes. And before I know it I was reading PHD thesis about Computational Geometry. I figured out the best way to to automate the design is through a customized software and not spread sheets.

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HYMMA is a registered trademark in Australia. You can find some public information about us below.