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Here’s How You Can Be Successful With CPQ Solutions


When it comes to today’s B2B sales and B2B relations, nothing is more important than doing things quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Here at Hymma, we’ve built our business around speed, efficiency, and convenience because we understand that in a fast-moving business world, these principles always ring true

In this comprehensive article, we’re going to introduce our new CPQ service. We’ll discuss the basics of the service, as well as how it can benefit you and your B2B practices. If you’re not entirely familiar with our CPQ service, you can visit our services page. From there, let’s get into the article

What Is CPQ?

CPQ is essentially known as the “configure, price, and quote” process. Thanks to technology, CPQ has become an automated process that makes it easier for businesses to quickly configure complex packages of services and provide price quotes to business clients

For businesses with B2B clients, having a flexible and convenient tool that allows them to quickly provide price quotes is essential to scoring new sales in a competitive marketplace. For that very reason, adopting an automated CPQ system into your operations is absolutely critical.

An Accessible Solution

When it comes down to it, efficiency is the biggest benefit that comes along with using a CPQ system. In just minutes, you can issue product drawings and send quotes to clients a few seconds later. With a fully automated process that makes things simpler and less time consuming than ever before, you can quickly grow, scale, and expand your B2B operations right from your smart-phone.

Built-in Analytics

Here at Hymma, we’re well aware of the benefits of an automated CPQ system, which is why we’ve worked to expand on those benefits by including more exciting features for businesses to take advantage of. For example, our CPQ system delivers with built-in analytics tools that allow you to generate reports of all of your designed products, so that you can plan ahead for the future. Receive these reports right in your inbox, so that you can gain useful insight related to your production processes on whatever device you’re using.

A Better Experience For Your Clients

In the B2B world, many businesses compete for the same clients. With a reliable CPQ system, you can position your business for fast configuration, pricing, and quoting. This should help you beat out the competition by making the first, and most competitive offer around.

Through our suite, you can transform your process and embrace digital technology, ultimately offering a faster, and more seamless experience for your customers, which is sure to be a big selling point moving forward.

Use the system to manage complex product configurations without skipping a beat. Then, allow our automated calculations software to determine a fair price. And in seconds, instantly send a quote to your client and allow them to approve or decline the quote on a device of their choosing.

This is B2B made simple.

Ready To Learn More?

Do you want to learn more about our CPQ suite? Head on over to our product page and learn all about the advanced features that come included with this service.