A compressor designed by HYMMA

Product Configurator

Design your products with a software made for your organisation


Confiqure, Price and Qutoe your products from your smart phone


Professional Drafting to Australian Standards

Mechanical/Structural Design

Product development from concept to fabrication

Watch a Demo Now

Watch this demo to see how you could save time by implimenting our CPQ solutions in your organization. This AutoDesk Inventor© add-in automates the modelling and design of a pallete conveyor. Hymma can develop different types of software for your company.

Working principle

How it works

Our products

We make design tools for manufacturers. Which includes plugins for different CAD packages such as SOLIDWORKS and INVENTOR. Everything starts with an greement . . .


After a non disclosure agreement we make two programs. One on your machines and the other on Microsoft Clouds. Think of the one on the cloud as a cheff and the software on your machines as a kitchen staff. The cheff sends the recepie to kitchen staff and they make the food.

Project Planning

We make sure we understand your requirements. Depending on the complexity of the product a number of meeting are requried. These meetings will help us understand your requirements properly.


We send you a sample application that you can run on your machines. You can find one of these on our website under calculators. Only your team can access the applications. once you are happy with the results we move to next stages of production.

Add-ins and Cloud

We make a calculator on the cloud and then an extra software (Add-in) on your machines. Your team will access the Add-in from their CAD software. We use Add-ins because they can generate native CAD files on your machines.

coupling Add-in to cloud

At this stage we connect the calculator to the Add-in. Your team will use the cloud based calculator from their computers or their smart phones. They would need a current username and password to connect to the online service. Without it the serivce will not work for them.